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The transportation department of Kilgore ISD is committed to providing safe,efficient and courteous transportation to all students that are eligible for transportation to and from school. 

Having transportation provided by the district to and from school is a privilege offered by Kilgore ISD to eligible students, and is not a state or federal mandate. The State of Texas provides funding for transporting eligible students living two or more miles from their assigned school campus.  However, Kilgore ISD chooses to provide transportation to many students regardless of the distance from their residence to their assigned school campus.  

As an acknowledgment to the privilege of having transportation provided, we request that students and parents refer to, and become familiar with the Kilgore ISD Code of Conduct for Riding School Buses.  This may be found in the student handbook, as well as on the website.  Students should follow the procedures outlined in the School Bus Code of Conduct, as well as those procedures implemented by the bus driver for their bus route. 

School Bus Rider Cards for every student should be filled out and kept up-to-date.  These cards will be placed with each bus driver and will help to ensure current contact information for each bus rider.

Please contact the transportation department when there are changes in pick-up or drop-off locations, or if you have moved within the school district.

Thank You for helping the Kilgore ISD transportation department provide safe and efficient transportation for all eligible students.


 Michael Brown
 Transportation Director

Office Staff: 
Michelle Clark, Secretary
Lee Ann Jones, Secretary
Dorothy Clayton, Transportation Clerk

School Bus Safety:

National Safety Council