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myON reader is the only literacy program available today, that creates an individual profile for students based on their interests and reading ability and generates a recommended book list that students can use when determining what they want to read.
myON reader is a complete literacy solution that reinvents students reading.  Providing anytime, anywhere access to thousands of award-wining digital books.  myON reader recommends content to a reader at their interest and reading level.  Students become immersed in reading titles targeted specifically to them.  With features only digital content can offer, like-spoken word audio to model fluency, sentence highlighting  and an embedded dictionary, students and educators agree - it is magical! myON reader takes literacy one step further using embedded Lexile (R) reading assessments, educators can measure and forecast reading growth.  For each student, myON reader metrics include the time spent reading, number of books read, a reading growth trajectory, and much more

Dyslexia support.

If you are looking for teaching ideas, printables, inspiration, links, lessons, units, activity sheets, and so much more - you are at the right place.  This site is designed as a learning and helping tool for teachers who love teaching children!

Starfall opened in September of 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read with phonics.  Our systematic phonics approach, in conjunction with phonemic awareness practice, is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, special education,shomeschool and English language development

Typical users increase reading speed by 67% and comprehension by 21% in 32 sessions.  What will you do when you read that much faster?

At cookie, child experts and educators design, interactive online games for kids.  Our learning games for kids help in building skills needed for success in school.  While playing our fun educational games, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more.
Our educational videos encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

Through the use of animation and game-like interactions, Istation blends explicit, direct, and systematic instruction with pure, 
non-intimidationg fun.  The quizzes maintain the engaging format, taking the terror out of testing.
With Istation, teachers don't need to spend time analyzing the grades to determine students' study paths or creating intervention lesson plans.  The assessment does it all, automatically placing students into individualized paths in their specific areas of need, at the proper reading level.  No other program does that!

Seven ideas for reading accurately.

Great printable books!

The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program for more than 450 lessons to six levels.  As your child completes each lesson, she/she is guided to the next one, and is motivated to continue learning by's  Ticket and Reward System.

IXL is the Web's most comprehensive k-12 practice site.  Widely used by schools and families, IXL provides unlimited practice in more than 3000 math and language arts lessons (k-12).

Bookshare provides the world's largest online library of accessible reading materials for people with print disabilities.  Individuals can sign up for membership and access the library on their own.  Organisations that serve individuals with print disabilities (schools, libraries, community centers, etc.) can sign up and provide access to their students or clients.
A Bookshare membership offers unlimited access to accessible books, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines.  Additionally, free access technology makes it easy to read books with a computer. 
Through an award from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Bookshare offers free membership to U.S. Schools and qualifying students.

Kilgore ISD has a Bookshare account.  If your child, or student has a print disability, please notify Joan DiShion, in the Special Education office at or 903-988-3900 ext. 2030..

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