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KHS Bulldogs to Play in Corsicana's Tiger Stadium

posted Dec 13, 2013, 11:48 AM by Mark Lane

Attn: Bulldog Football Fans


It was brought to our attention yesterday (Thursday afternoon) that Corsicana ISD has closed the top 15 rows of the non-reserved home side seating in its Tiger Stadium as a result of concerns about the structural integrity of a few stadium columns. I have contacted the Corsicana Superintendent and discussed this concern with her. We have been assured by the Corsicana Superintendent and Corsicana’s attorney, that the structural engineer’s recommendation to close off 7 rows and then the district closing off an additional 8 rows for a total of 15 rows is more than sufficient to prevent any problems. All of Corsicana's home games, Navarro Community College games, and 10 playoff games have been held there with no problems.


If we had been informed of this situation before now, we would have considered another venue to prevent any concerns from arising. The safety of our fans is top priority to us. Based on the information we have gathered during the last few hours, we will move forward with our plans to play our Semi-Final game at the Tiger Stadium in Corsicana beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 14, 2013.


If you have any other concerns or questions, please let me know. 


Respect the K!


Cara Cooke


Kilgore ISD