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Substitute Teaching

Qualifications: The District shall attempt to hire certified teachers as substitutes whenever possible; however, no person shall be employed as a substitute teacher without a High School Diploma or GED.

Upon completion of the Sub Workshop, approved substitutes shall have on file * with the District:
  • An online application completed
  • A record of highest education attained, including high school diploma, GED certificate, or transcript for all college work, and/or teacher certificate.
  • A completed I-9 form
  • A completed W-4 form
  • Sub Teacher Handbook Acknowledgement/Receipt
  • Ethnicity & Race Data Questionnaire
  • Public Access Authorization
  • Two forms of identification (valid social security card and valid driver's license)
* See employment forms listed at bottom of page.

Substitute Salary: Substitute pay will be reviewed annually and determined by the Board of Trustees during the budget process. Salary schedule is as follows:

Para-professional positions:
  • Aide, clerical – $60.00 per day 
All substitutes, regardless of degree or certification, will receive $60.00 per day when substituting in a paraprofessional position.

Teaching positions:
  • Non degreed and non-certified – $60.00 per day
  • Bachelor degreed and non-certified teacher – $70.00 per day
  • Bachelor degreed and certified teacher – $80.00 per day
  • Degreed and certified long term subs – $100.00 per day** (Please see below)

Long Term Subs:
** Degreed and certified substitute teachers working in any one position for more than 10 consecutive days will be compensated at $100.00 per day.

Pay checks are mailed on the 26th day of the month. If the 26th falls on a weekend, scheduled school break or holiday, checks are mailed on the preceding workday. Checks will include all substitute days worked the prior month. Individual’s working four (4) hours or less per day will receive one half-day’s pay. Individual’s working more than four hours per day will receive a full day’s pay.

All required documents regarding salary, i.e., transcripts, certification etc. must be received by the Human Resources Department to secure accurate pay is received. Kilgore ISD will not make salary adjustments on previous payrolls due to failure to provide required documents.

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