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Safety at Chandler Elementary

The School Day

Instructional time begins at 8:00 am and runs to 3:00 pm daily.  The tardy bell rings at 8:05 am.  After 8:05, students are required to sign-in at the front office.  The main entrance to the school is unlocked at 7:15 am.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF IN THE CIRCLE DRIVE.  Students arriving between 7:15 and 7:30 should wait in the cafeteria until the duty teachers take them to their classrooms. Teachers will open their classroom doors no later than 7:45 am.  Students will wait by their classrooms until 7:45 and are monitored by duty teachers.


Building Security

In the interest of your children's safety, the doors will remain locked during school hours.  Access is permitted through the front entrance only.  All volunteers and visitors must sign-in and wear a badge during school hours.  Please have your driver's license available when signing in.  


For the safety of our students, parents will not be allowed after the 2nd week of school to walk their students to their class.  Staff will be available to monitor and assist students.


Morning Drop-Off

All students should be dropped off in the mornings in the circle drive.  Staff will be on duty and doors opened at 7:15 am.  Students should not be dropped off in front of the school.  

Afternoon Transportation and Dismissal

All pick-up students will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m. to the circle drive.  Chandler Elementary uses a number system to help with dismissal procedures.  A number will be assigned to each student and their car.  Students will wear their number to circle drive pick-up, and their car number card will be placed in the front window for the staff to see.  Please assist us with this system by keeping your number card in your window visible to us.  If you lose it, please replace it with another copy.  If you drive several cars, you may want to make one for each vehicle.  Forms will be provided when registering your student or you may contact the office at 903-988-3904.


Students riding KISD transportation must have a bus card on file with the transportation office.  Bus cards will be provided at registration or from the school office.  Students are only allowed to ride one afternoon bus.  If your child is not able to ride their assigned afternoon bus, they will need to be picked up.


****If there is a change in your child’s transportation on a particular day, your child MUST bring a note.  A change can also be faxed to the school at 903-986-8026.  All changes must be submitted by 2:30 p.m.